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Junior Competition Information

1. A condition of entry is that Parents must be available to be a Team Manager
2. Arriving at the Venue.
(a)All players must be at the venue at least 15 minutes before the starting time, i.e. 8:15am.
(b)Players should make their own way to venues or might be able to organise a lift with a team member.
(c)Teams can organise their own transport roster if they wish.
3. Team Supervisor's Duties
(a)Each week your team will have an appointed team supervisor (one of the players' parents). The team supervisor is responsible for the welfare of the team members.
(b)The supervisor should ensure that players are ready to play when required, dressed and behave in the appropriate manner.
(c)The supervisor will make sure the scorecard is filled out correctly, signed and handed into one of the junior co-ordinators at the completion of play.
(d)If the supervisor has any problems or questions, they should refer them to one of the junior co-ordinators that is in attendance.
4. Wet Weather. Don't assume it is a washout. Ring your Team Manager, the Junior Co-Ordinator or your Venue.
5. Emergencies. Emergency Co-coordinator - To be Advised Some teams may consist of only four players. This means that you have a commitment to play each and every week without fail or excuses. The other team members are relying on your weekly attendance. If for some extraordinary reason, you can't play, contact your team manager as the earliest possible moment. In all fairness, try to give as much notice as possible. DON'T RING UP ON FRIDAY EVENING, as this may not allow time to find a replacement.
6. If you have been rostered off for the week, you must make yourself available to fill in for another team that may be short.
7. Tennis Attire.
(a)Girls and boys must wear correct tennis clothing. No Surf Gear allowed. Casual attire is not acceptable.
(b)Flat-soled Tennis Shoes must be worn - no ripple soles, jogging shoes, cross trainers or basketball boots.
(c)Some clubs will not let you on their courts unless you are dressed in the correct attire, and wear the correct footwear. In that case your team suffers, as you may have to forfeit your matches.
8. Players should not to leave after they finish their matches. They should stay to support their teammates until all matches are finished. This is a common courtesy.
9. Membership and joining fees must be paid before the first match of the season. All clubs are not allowed to play people who are not members. The penalty is a loss of the match and a fine to the club.
10. Read your Rulebook and fixture book.
11. Conduct & Behavior. As a representative of the Frankston Tennis club, your behavior is expected to be exemplary. Breaches of the PTA Code of Conduct (see notice board) will not be tolerated and are liable to disciplinary action by both Frankston Tennis club & the Peninsula Tennis Association.

JUNIOR CO-ORDINATOR    Ms Therese Sakamoto  0402-327-690 or

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